Feel in Flow so You Can Achieve and Receive More 

Get the support and accountability you need to prioritise taking care of yourself

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Feel in Flow so You Can Achieve and Receive More 

Get the support and accountability you need to prioritise taking care of yourself

Join the Waitlist - Doors Open on the 1st of Each Month

Redefine Your Yoga Practice

In Recharge, we do yoga in a way that flexes to your schedule, whilst providing you with the support you need to modify and progress in your practice.

So you can expect to experience noticeably greater progress in your practice, faster.

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Hi, I'm Nicola

I know how frustrating it is to want to go deeper than generic online yoga classes.

I can provide you with the support and encouragement you need.

You'll have absolute clarity over what to do, and feel confident that you can continue to make progress, safely.


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I am totally converted to Nicola’s approach to yoga and am now practising 3-4 times per week.

It's made a huge impact on my flexibility, strength, health, well-being and how I manage all other areas of my life.

Katy Henry

After many attempts at trying yoga over the years, I’ve finally found a way of making it all work for me. 

I’m proud of myself for finally being able to stick with something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

Anne MacIntosh

The Unique 'Recharge' Process

  • ONE Beginner's or Intermediate Level Yoga Video per month - created using the Recharge 3 step process and intelligently designed to train your body to feel calm under stress
  • Do¬†the SAME video 2+ times per week for the whole month.


Go Deeper, Faster

In RECHARGE we focus on going deeper into one yoga practice for a whole month.


Because the more familiar the sequence becomes, the more meditative your practice becomes. You'll feel instantly calmer and will find it easier to stay in the moment.

Plus, no more overwhelm, or time wasted searching through videos!

Here's what's included in your membership:

On-Demand Yoga

SAVE TIME by doing the same 30-minute yoga for one month.

Start your personalised practice by choosing the correct breathwork practice and the level of yoga (beginner's or intermediate) that's right for you.

Then press play and get started!

You'll also benefit from a range of additional breathwork and guided meditation practices that will help you harness your energy.

Support to go Deeper

Monthly Q&A and bitesize videos on how to modify poses.

Never feel stuck!

Inside the private hub, you'll find short videos on how to modify the most common poses so you can be sure that you're practising safely and in a way that feels good.

Plus, you get all your questions answered each month through our members only Q&A, so you make progress faster and keep gaining momentum.


Find Your People.

Our private online community is a safe space where you can connect with likeminded women. 

The support and accountability you'll get from being part of this community helps you to stay motivated and make your practice sustainable.

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When you sign up to the Recharge Membership, you'll also receive 3 amazing bonuses

Monthly Mini Yoga Retreat

During each retreat, you'll experience a transformational journey that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and empowered.

Each retreat is 60 minutes long and includes:

  • A 5-minute breathing Practice¬†designed to help you move into a¬†state of rest¬†by using your breath to calm your nervous system.

  • 30-minutes of Yoga¬†to ground and calm you.
  • 25-minute Yoga Nidra Session. A powerful guided meditation¬†designed to help you feel deeply rested.

Attend live or catch up later with the recording.


Monthly Challenges

Each month, in the community, we participate in a 7-day challenge designed to help you with one of the 3 steps: reconnect, release, or rise.

Examples of 7 day challenge themes are:

  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Rest
  • Mindfulness
  • EFT/ Tapping
  • Journaling
  • Loving Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Self Love


Prenatal Yoga Course

If you are, or plan to become, pregnant. It's important that you are able to adapt your yoga practice so that it is safe for you and you baby.

When you join Recharge, you will automatically gain access to the Yoga Mums Prenatal Course.

This is a dedicated course designed to help you:

  • Calm your mind¬†so your body can relax, soften and expand during labour
  • Nurture and gently strengthen your body¬†in preparation for birth
  • Connect with your baby

 There are practices for each stage of your pregnancy, from 13 - 40+ weeks.




per month

  • Your personalised monthly yoga video¬†-¬†Monthly¬†Value ¬£60
  • Videos on how to modify and go deeper into your practice -¬†Total¬†Value ¬£300
  • Personal support to modify your practice in Monthly Q&A - Monthly Value ¬£400
  • Access to members only community - Monthly Value ¬£60
  • Powerful breathwork and guided meditation practices to help you manage your energy in the moment - Total Value ¬£150
  • BONUS: Live Monthly Mini Retreat (perfect for CEO days) - Monthly Value ¬£80
  • BONUS: Monthly 7-Day Wellness Challenges - Monthly Value ¬£30
  • BONUS: Prenatal Yoga Course¬†-¬†Total¬†Value ¬£197


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Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If, within the first¬†14 days, you don't feel it's a good fit for you, you can email [email protected]¬†and request a full refund.¬†
  • If, after 6 months you don't experience a noticeable improvement in how you feel and respond to stress, I will work with you for free until you do.

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Being able to practice yoga at least twice a week makes me feel much more balanced. 

I'm a nicer wife and mum. And I love carving out some time to myself, which I now do guilt free!! 

Rebecca Guest

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