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Whilst Building Habits That Will Support Your Wellbeing Throughout the Busiest Season of Your Life.

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Pregnancy can Bring as Much Stress and Worry as it does Joy and Excitement

You’re managing your current workload amidst physical changes and hormonal shifts, all while trying to emotionally prepare for your baby’s arrival. It’s only natural to wonder how you’ll juggle everything once your baby is here.

Now is the Time to Learn to Care for Your Wellbeing in a Simple and Profound Way

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Hi, I'm Nicola

I understand exactly what it's like to feel so excited about your baby's arrival, and yet worry about how you'll manage everything when they finally do arrive.

During my second pregnancy, I struggled with these feelings myself.

With over 300 hours of specialised Yoga Teacher Training, including Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, and Yoga for the Stress Response, I'm here to support you in starting a personal yoga practice that nurtures your mind, body, and baby throughout pregnancy.

Together, we'll build habits that make it easy to prioritise your wellbeing throughout the busiest season of your life.

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Introducing ‚ÄėThe Prenatal Practice‚Äô

The Simple Way to Nourish Yourself

The Prenatal Practice is an on demand prenatal yoga program, designed to support you to have a positive pregnancy experience, feel prepared for birth, and build habits which make it easy for you to sustainably prioritise your wellbeing throughout your Motherhood journey.

In The Prenatal Practice you commit to doing the same 30-minute yoga practice at least twice per week for one month.

In doing so, your experience becomes increasingly more meditative and grounding each time the sequence is repeated.

Over time and with consistency, you’ll develop an unshakable centre that carries you through the day-to-day, empowering you to meet both the challenges and joys of life and pregnancy with presence and peace.

3  Powerful and Transformative Steps...

Step One:

Select Your Prenatal Yoga Practice

Start your prenatal practice by choosing the 30-minute yoga video that corresponds with the number of weeks pregnant you are and the breathing practice that's most suitable for you.

Step Two:

Get Personalised Support

Inside the private community you can ask for advice and support on how to modify any poses by submitting questions for our monthly Q&A.

So, whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned yogi, you can be sure you're practising safely and in a way that feels good to you.

Step Three:

Lean into our Supportive Community

This is a time in your life where you need support from people who understand. Inside our private online community, I will hold space for you.

In The Practice Inner Circle, we lift each other up and cheer each other on.

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"I really enjoyed the course. It was a good mixture of stretches, adapted yoga poses and relaxation. 

I always enjoyed practicing the different breathing techniques and found it fascinating that focusing on your breathing could make a pose more bearable to hold for longer. 

I didn't expect to like a virtual type of class but was actually really pleasantly surprised!  I found that it was much easier to get motivated to do when I didn't need to wrap up against the elements and venture out after a long, hard day at work!"

Nicola Shaw

"I haven't been particularly active throughout my pregnancy, so I joined The Prenatal Practice online pregnancy course and I feel so much better!

I've picked up some great tips for labour, such as breathing techniques.

Nicola is a fab instructor. I would highly recommend this course."

Stephanie Duffy

The Prenatal Practice


Per Month (up to 6 months)

  • Monthly personalised prenatal yoga videos, designed to support you at each stage of your pregnancy
  • Additional breathing practices to help you during pregnancy, labour and postnatally
  • Monthly¬†Q&A's so you can be sure you're practising safely
  • Access to¬†our private community
  • BONUS: Pregnancy Nutrition Made Simple Guide by expert Coach & Nutritionist Saffron Wilson
  • BONUS:¬†Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor video tutorial
  • BONUS: live 7-day monthly wellbeing 'challenges'
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Choose Your Program Duration:

Select the support package that corresponds with the number of months remaining in your pregnancy.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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When you carve out a little time each week for Your Prenatal Practice:

  • You nurture yourself and gently strengthen your body so you feel more comfortable and can manage the challenges of pregnancy with grace and ease.
  • You learn to cultivate spaciousness in your mind and tune into your body so you feel calm and in control throughout your birth experience.
  • You're able to release the stress and worry around doing everything ‚Äėright‚Äô and create space to connect with your baby, so you feel calm and content.
  • You feel more present and joyful throughout your pregnancy and Motherhood experience by building simple habits that support your wellbeing.
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Stress and Overwhelm Can Tarnish Your Motherhood Experience

When You Prioritise Self-Care, Everything Begins to Feel Lighter.

At Nicola Ferns Yoga, we know that you want to feel present and joyful throughout every stage of your Motherhood journey.

In order to do that, you need to consistently prioritise your wellbeing. The problem is Motherhood comes with lots of responsibilities which makes you feel tired and overwhelmed.

We understand what it's like to worry about how you'll cope with it all when your baby arrives which is why I took what I've learned from over 300 hours of dedicated yoga training, including Prenatal Yoga and Yoga for the Stress Response, and created a simple and profound method that's sustainable even on your busiest weeks.

Here's how we do it:

1. Create your personalised yoga plan.

2. Get individualised support to practice safely

3. Lean into the support of our community

Click the button below to join now, so you can stop the stress and worry over how you'll juggle it all, and instead build habits that allow everything to feel lighter.

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