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How to Use Yoga to Excel in Your Career and Thrive in Motherhood

(When You Don't Have Time to go to Classes.)

Learn the 3 secrets to creating a yoga practice that’s fast, effective, and sustainable for your busy life. 

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It Doesn't Have to be so Hard 

Trying to juggle the demands of work and family life can cause you to feel:

  • STRESSED and FRUSTRATED because the lion's share of responsibilities lie firmly on our shoulders
  • TIRED because you're doing so much and can't find time to recharge
  • OVERWHELMED because there's always a to-do list running through your head 

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can:

  • Feel CALM and ENERGISED as you go through the day
  • Feel confident and consistently give your best at work
  • Be more present while you enjoy quality time with your kids
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Here's What You'll Learn

How to Lower Your Stress Levels, Feel Calm and in Control Without Spending an Hour a Day Doing Yoga.

Ready to stop with ineffective stress relief methods? And ready to get intentional about your health & wellbeing? Ditch the weekly (or fortnightly!) yoga class - here's what to do instead.

How to Release Intense Feelings and Emotions in the Moment.

Feelings are there for a reason and they're supposed to be felt. Don't try and push them down in an attempt to make them go away... this will come back to bite you! Learn how to regulate your emotions in a healthy way in just moments.

How to Experience More Love, Joy and Connection in Everyday Life NOW.

Feel like your life is just one big responsibility and long for more joy? Whilst you might not be able to change how you SPEND most of your time, you can change how you FEEL most of the time. Learn how to tune into energies that make you feel GOOD.

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Hi, I'm Nicola...

I totally understand how overwhelming it feels to believe you have NO CHOICE but to keep pushing through, without taking the time to recharge, because you just can't find the time to get to that yoga class every week.

I used to really struggle with that too, before I started practising yoga at home, in a way that works for me.

I can teach you the method I use to help myself and the unstoppable women, just like you, in my Recharge membership.


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Hear From Other Busy Mums:


Rebecca Guest

"It's having such an impact on how I feel and react to stress."

Katy Henry

"I am totally converted to Nicola’s approach to yoga and am now practising 3-4 times per week."

Anne MacIntosh

"After many attempts at trying yoga over the years, I’ve finally found a way of making it all work for me."

Learn THE Yoga Method for Professional Mums

Ready to take control of your wellbeing in a sustainable and enjoyable way?

So you can achieve your career goals AND be the kind of Mum you want to be, without burning yourself out.

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