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Exam Success Meditation Bundle

Incorporate these amazing practices to your child's exam preparation to help them feel calm and confident on the lead up to and throughout their exams.

Bundle includes:

1. 90 minute audio with over 100 powerful affirmations (repeated many times) masked by the sound of relaxing meditation music.

Re-programme their subconscious mind for exam success with this powerful subliminal meditation.

Play in the background as theystudy or listen as they go to sleep each night to let their subconscious mind soak up these powerful affirmations.

Note: the affirmations are barely audible to the naked ear! They're designed to be absorbed on a subconscious level to rewire their brain for exam success.

You will also receive a separate audio file with the audible affirmations so you know exactly what your child is listening to.

Music credit: Stock Music provided by AG_Music, from Pond5

2. Exam Visualisation Meditation.

Studies have shown that performance significantly improves when revising is accompanied with visualisation. 

This 10-minute guided visualisation will help you child prepare to achieve greater success.

Music Credit: Stock Music provided by AudiouslyPro, from Pond5

3. EFT/ Tapping Meditation to release stress and anxiety around exams.

Use this scientifically proven technique to help your child feel noticeably calmer in just 10 minutes. Use regularly on the lead up to their exams to help them feel calm and able to think more clearly.