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Empowering Yoga

yoga Aug 22, 2022

What do you want from life?

It seems like an easy enough question and from a young age, girls are taught that they can have it all. We can have a career AND have a family. So that’s what we most of us do.

It’s empowering to be able to achieve everything you want but it’s not always easy to KNOW what you really want.

In fact, we’re often pushed to put our energy into achieving what we are “supposed” to want, and we may not take the time to truly understand what energises us.

We work, we have kids, we run a household… and often we feel like we’re not quite doing a good enough job of any of it.

Because we’re all conditioned to want the same things in life but we’re not all the same and trying to squeeze into the one mould often leaves us filled with self-doubt and a feeling of never really being satisfied.

How can you figure it out?

Self-awareness about who we really are and what we really want is the key to overcoming these feelings.

Things turn around dramatically when we know what we really want. Not only will we feel and use another level of energy, but we experience a feeling of peace and trust. We are then ready to manifest what drives our soul and can create the destiny we desire. This will lead to a dramatic improvement in all the key areas of our life.

All we need is already within us now, but we need to find it, listen to it, and translate it into our realities. When we dedicate time to deepening our self-knowledge, we spend our time well. 

So how can you do that?

You have to tune out thoughts of what you’re supposed to want and tune in to your deeper knowing.

Yoga is excellent for helping you to turn the volume down on your thoughts and brings you closer to who you truly are.

Begin with this short core yoga practice to help align your solar plexus chakra, which is located a few inches above your belly button (just at the place that knocks the wind right out of you if you get hit there!)

The solar plexus chakra is one of 7 main energy centres in your body and is associated with the element of fire. So, by working to balance your solar plexus, you are working to ignite your inner fire, develop your self-confidence and step into your personal power.



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